Storyboard Workshops

shutterstock_82318942In this workshop, participants learn script writing, basic photography and narrative construction.

They also get to see their stories made real by a professional editor.

Participants create storyboards based on their own personal stories and images; the facilitator transforms these into video.

Suitable for organisations with smaller budgets, where participants have very low computer literacy or where learning multimedia skills is not a priority.

Hard skills taught

  • Script writing
  • Basic photography
  • Storyboard narrative construction

Process / Course outline

  • Introduction to storytelling and the art of narrative
  • Facilitated story circle
  • Script writing
  • Voiceover recording
  • Photo tutorial
  • Storyboard construction
  • Video premiere screening


Time Options

1. 2-Day Storyboard Intensive:  This is “digital storytelling lite”, particularly suitable when limited time and/or low computer skills and confidence don’t make it feasible or desirable to teach video editing.

A good option when participants need to travel or the storyboard workshop is part of a broader process.

This can also accommodate much larger numbers of people, where small groups work together on stories.

Group size: Up to 30 participants.

Cost: R30,000.

B. 4-6 Week Part Time: Participants gather for a half day a week.

Giving more time to the process works well when participants have low computer skills, low confidence, limited time or health challenges.

The process can be tailored to the specific situation and needs of the organisation.

Group size: Up to 30 participants.

Cost: From R30,000 depending on requirements.

Equipment Requirements: Flip chart, data projector, screen.

Facilitator supplied equipment: Audio recorders, microphones, camera equipment, speakers.

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