Team Building / Employee Engagement Workshops

shutterstock_71147521Storytelling is uniquely positioned to build solidarity, empathy and promote harmony within organisations.

Our facilitators (all graduates of the International School of Storytelling) are trained in creating safe and enjoyable spaces.

They prepare stories on a topic in consultation with the client.

The workshops may be around events, such as Women’s Day, or around a theme close to your employees’ hearts – such as children – or simply a sharing of personal (biographical) stories.

Workshops vary from three hours to one day in length and are available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

We can also add a research component to help you better understand your employees.

Let Roth Communications run your next team building event!

Max participants: 10-15

Suitable for: Employees of any industries

Price: On application

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