Narrative Intelligence for PR Professionals Workshop

Narrative Intelligence for PR Professionals Workshopshutterstock_141909736

Storytelling is at the heart of every organisation. It informs a brand’s scaffolding, and conveys organisational values and ethics.

The process of unearthing and packaging organisational, client and product stories – from water cooler banter to the lore of the ‘good old days’ – is a powerful means of infusing meaning and authenticity into a company’s communications strategy.

This unique workshop, taught over four modules, provides participants with the necessary background to re-examine a current brief or campaign through the lens of Narrative Intelligence.

Modules Two to Four consist of a teaching piece, followed by a guided discussion of implementing the module topic in a project at hand.

Topics include:

  • What Makes for a Story? What is not a Story!
  • The Power of Stories
  • Why Stories Make for Powerful Branding
  • How Stories are Being Used for PR/Marketing
  • Worldwide Story Trends and Best Practice
  • Examples of Story PR Campaigns

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