Digital Storytelling Workshops

shutterstock_71147521The cutting edge workshop delivers the latest in digital storytelling methodology and facilitation.

By not only telling their stories but also grappling deeply with the process of transforming them into video art, participants can gain new perspectives on themselves, their stories, their work and each other.

The intensive workshop is particularly suitable for organisations that understand and value process work and would like to develop interpersonal as well as technical skills.

Soft skills taught: The workshops is suitable for personal and organisational development and advocacy work; and teaches multimedia skills.

We place a heavy emphasis on each participant’s ownership of and agency over their own story.

Hard skills taught:

  • Script writing
  • Basic photography
  • Video editing, typically using Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Process / Course outline

  • Introduction to digital storytelling and the art of narrative
  • Facilitated story circle
  • Script writing
  • Voiceover recording
  • Photo tutorial
  • Video editing tutorial
  • Rough cut production
  • Video finishing including effects, titles and soundtrack
  • Video premiere screening

Time Options

A. 3-5 Day Intensive: This is a demanding process for participants, but the rewards are substantial.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants, who must have basic computer literacy. Previous multimedia experience is not necessary.

 Cost: R 40,000

B. 6-12 Week Part Time:
Participants gather for a half-day each week.

Giving more time to the process works well when participants have low computer skills, low confidence, limited time or health challenges.

The process can be tailored to the specific situation and needs of the organisation.

Group size: Up to 12 participants.

Cost: From R35,000 depending on requirements.

Equipment Requirements: Flip chart, data projector, screen, PC and earphones for each participant.

Facilitator supplied equipment: Audio recorders, microphones, camera equipment, speakers.

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