"Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories, risk failure for their companies and for themselves."

- John Kotter, Harvard Business School professor, and author, Leading Change


Roth Communications is a communications and research company that believes in the power of best practice Story Work to inspire, educate and unite.

We use Narrative to provide deep insights, create compelling content, train, promote cohesion and facilitate change.

The company helps South African and international companies, non-profit organisations and universities to discover, tell and share their stories.

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Why Story?

Humans have been telling stories to share wisdom, teach values and provide a sense of identity since we first could speak. Stories speak to the heart – across all cultures and in all languages.

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Roth Communications is a team of experts in research, PR/marketing, internal communications, training, facilitation and digital storytelling.

All of our storytelling facilitators are graduates of the International School of Storytelling.

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