ROTH is a consulting and professional services company that helps private, social and public sector organisations understand, inspire and grow their people.

We use Narrative  (and other proven methods) to conduct research, consult, train and facilitate – all with the aim of aligning our clients’ stakeholders with their values, visions and missions; to improve the flow of communications (bottom-up, top-down and between different departments); and to facilitate Change.

ROTH has experience consulting to the following sectors:
o Automotive
o Financial (including Banking and Insurance)
o Food services (including franchise restaurants)
o Mining
o Transportation
o Tourism (Destination Marketing)
o Environment
o Education
o Public Sector (National and Provincial)
o Non Profit Sector

ROTH provides the following products and services:

Consulting Products & Services:
o Values work
o Organisational and Strategy Stories
o Narrative Intelligence

Research Products & Services:
• Corporate Anthropology (Business Ethnography)
• Survey Design
• Focus Groups
• Interviews
• Design Thinking
• Public Participation

Inspiration Products & Services:
• Campaigns
• Content Creation (videos, animations, print and design, installations)

Training Products & Services:
• Leadership Storytelling
• Media Training
• Executive Coaching (Executive Presence)
• Individual Coaching (Story Assess™)
• Collaboration
• Narrative for Advocacy
• Narrative for the Curriculum
• Story Collectors

The company is supported by a team of experts in Narrative, Consulting,  Employee Engagement, Research and Corporate Communications.

For more information, please email: admin@rothcommunications.co.za

or call: +27 (0) 10 595 3882